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DIGIJUS is the first ever independent digital music rights management service (IME) in Hungary - and also in Central and Eastern Europe.

DIGIJUS is a new model for the management of copyright and neighbouring rights, offering unique solutions to the problems and inadequacies experienced in the management of digital music rights and revenues.

About Us

Applying the most advanced current technologies, we are able to manage authors’, performers’ and producers’ rights simultaneously, in connection with all local and international digital services (Spotify, Apple Music etc.). Furthermore, we do that efficiently and in a transparent way for our clients, providing up-to-date and comprehensive information about revenues, platforms, countries.
Our main contractual partner is UNISON, Europe’s largest independent rights management entity, representing more than 2+ million songs by 40.000+ artists from 30+ countries, working with independent composers as well as leading independent publishers that represent shares in compositions by global artists such as Beyoncé, Janis Joplin and Snoop Dogg.

Artists / Clients

Why is DIGIJUS different?

The management of different types of music rights by a single service has so far been without precedent on the local market. DIGIJUS can simultaneously represent authors, performers and producers.
Contractual agreements with digital service providers
Out of all the collective management organizations operating in Hungary, we have the largest number of contractual partners among digital service providers (DSP). This, in essence, could mean more income sources for rights holders, as we can claim royalties from service providers who are in no contractual partnership with anyone else.
Efficiency and Transparency
As opposed to the current, overly complicated and not adequately transparent royalty distribution model, we adapt to the needs of our clients with flexible conditions of contracts. We guarantee up-to-date, comprehensible and detailed reports. There are no hidden costs or reductions in relation to our service. Royalties and revenues are automatically transferred to rights holders in the shortest possible timeframe.
Through our contractual partners, we apply the most modern technological solutions for our clients regarding the usage, registration and identification of their works and also the collection and payment of royalties.

Efficient management of the sheer amount of data that springs within the digital world day by day is a task beyond several collective managements’ capabilities. Our technological system is handling billions of microtransactions daily, with precise efficiency, which is unprecedented on the local market.
Come, join the ever-growing community of artists choosing independent rights management!
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